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About our bot services

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How Our Bots Work

Our bot services will render the maximum desired impact, infinitely adaptable to any digital NFT and crypto marketplace. The STäK tool suite provides a backstop security to assist with incubating community and positive reception. Our services are here to ensure sustainable value and long term growth. Whether your project is just starting out, getting ready to launch, or already ongoing, we are sure we can craft the perfect bot experience for your community.

Without having to even leave the chat, the user is able to witness live contract minting data including images/video, name of asset(s), attributes (if revealed), evolving attributes, meta data, purchasing wallet ID, amount purchased, contest functions, and even each and every item minted in progression. Not a single mint missed, every transaction logged.

Beyond our bot’s automatic capabilities, it also features command and call functions such as chart data, amount of owned nfts in collection, staking data, amount staked, reward pool per staking and much more!

STäK features a wide array of customization options and STäK’s seasoned development team will custom tailor our bot software to maximize your project’s user experience. With STäK on your team, we are dedicated to delivering excellence and ensuring your project reaches its fullest potential.

Connecting Dots

Bot Customization Options

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Live Analytics

**Live metrics gathered from MetaMonstas on BSC**

Contract address: 0x82598bb4C9B40217C0bB28b63eAae3a7aAbD9b7e

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Averaging a rate increase of over 5x mint/purchasing volume upon bot deployment, these charts display the effect and massive earning potential with utilizing our software.

Featuring 3 deployment stages, this allowed a consistent growth uptick over time within community participation and mint volume. Paired with effective marketing and contest/promotion strategies one is certain to sell out their collection.

Please reach out today for a free introductory consultation, so that we may best assist you.