Take control of your community engagement

Fully customizable bot software, utility focused on blockchain.

The StäKbot Tool Suite provides automation and backstop security to assist with incubating positive community reception and ensuring long term sustainable value. Whether your project is just getting ready to launch or already ongoing, we can craft the perfect experience for your blockchain NFT ecosystem.

Let our services take your business to its highest ground

Representing a 5x increase in average sales/mint volume upon deployment and directly enhancing the front end experience, our bot software can be hand tailored to meet your projects specific needs.


Total Augmentation

Virtually endless customization and utility/usecase wrapping

Improve Your Platform

Twitter, Meta, Discord and Telegram integration. Onboard your user base with ease.

Increased Ergonomics

Our unique bot services will dramatically enhance the viability and functionality of social media integration with your project ecosystem.

Backend Management

With a globally based team, we are able to provide live service and around the clock support.

Featuring a unique tool suite specifically designed for improved blockchain integration

Beyond our bot’s automatic capabilities, it also features command and call functions such as chart data, amount of owned nfts in collection, staking data, rewards per staking period, P2E, PVP events and much more!